Metro Manila: The Mind Museum

My teammates and I decided to celebrate Service Week in a much more of analytics way – the geek  way! We visited The Mind Museum in Taguig. Place’s awesome! Fit for geeks at heart and for teeners who want to learn and see the awesome-ness of science.

This robot welcomed us near the ticket booth.


Then, this one inside the museum.

IMG_6052 My camera’s dead after a few minutes so pardon the few pictures I can post. (Some were grabbed from Ate Romi’s files.) But I hope these pictures will encourage you to drop by!

On the first floor, you can see exhibits for physics (like the wall below), chemistry, geology, earth sciences and biology.

IMG_5784 IMG_5757 1006244_4973958148527_1357160210_n 10144_4973967268755_2013633302_n 1013821_4973966028724_292201119_n



They also have a “light spectrum” tunnel.




On the second floor, you can find the”modern” application of science like the astrolabe, phi, sound waves. Some games are also available on the top floor.IMG_6032IMG_6029 IMG_6038

And these are near the escalators,



But more than anything, these are my fave shots for the day. ♥

I’m a huge fan of stars, constellations and the outer space. In fact, my ultimate dream is to visit Andromeda Galaxy. Crazy, right? hahaha But, one can dream! And in our dreams, we’re infinite. 😉

I swear, there are still a lot of things inside that I didnt capture. I really suggest to unleash the geek side of you and check the place. I surprisingly enjoyed it as I thought museums like this one are just for kids. Im quite sure that it will surprise you too. 😉



The Mind Museum
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City 1634 Taguig, Philipines


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