Subic: Ocean Adventure

After quite a long time, whole family decided to have an out of town trip again. This time, we went to Subic, Zambales. I’ve been to Zambales a couple of times before, all of it in Iba and I never stopped anywhere else around the province. Yeah, so you may say that it’s my first trip in Subic. (technically)

From our home, we spent almost 2 hours in the road (mainly in SCTEX). And you can see nothing along the road but wonders of nature. I ended up taking photos over and over.  Here are few of the shots:
IMG_1976 IMG_1987


After SCTEX, we now enter Subic.

IMG_2018 IMG_2019

How do you know you’re already in Subic? There’s the empty road. 


and the forest-ish view at the sides. Not to mention wild monkeys. (Unfortunately, I havent got pictures of them.)


and you know you’re near Ocean Adventure when you can see the sea and feel the breeze. 🙂


Tadaaaaaa! Welcome to Ocean Adventure. (If you’re planning to stay for a few days , there’s also a hotel/beach resort at the sides — Camayan Beach Resort.)


Mi papa and mi mama

IMG_2090 IMG_2086 IMG_2073 IMG_2072 IMG_2060

They have a short lesson on wildlife conservation with some animal tricks. Very informative.
Here are the dancing africans in an Acrobatic Show. And my! They are too flexible for their size!
You can also go in at two little aquariums in the area.
This is one of the best attractions here (the other one is the dolphin show). Sea lions are very smart, not to mention entertaining.
Actually, this not just a dolphin show (cause they also have false-killer whale, which is actually the one in the photo). I ended up yearning to play with the dolphins and the whales. haha

The place is nice. Really. (but the food are too costly) And Im glad, the rest of the family enjoyed the trip.



Ocean Adventure
Ilanin Rd Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines


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