Jakarta Trip II: Around the City

Tita Anny and the rest of the family were really nice to tour us around the city, not to mention the food overload during our stay on their home. First thought when I saw Jakarta, It’s like the Philippines. Yes, it is. In many ways.

Hati-hati in their language means careful. in ours, it means divide

Never saw as many motorcycles as they have here.

Have I mentioned that traffic here’s notorious?

First Stop: Kota Tua or Batavia, Old City

Jakarta’s home of different museums. And we only visited one – The History Museum. According to ate Monique, it used to be the City Hall during the Dutch occupation in Jakarta.

Next stop, Jakarta Cathedral. Church architecture made me feel as if Im somewhere in Europe. Too bad, it was closed and we weren’t able to go inside.

and to finish this sub-sec are my fave photos of the trip

On the road: Around  Jalan Thamrin


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