Jakarta Trip I: Food Trip

This is a late post. I, together with Tita Neth went to Jakarta and KL for 2weeks. Here are some photos of the trip. This first entry would just be some photos of different restaurants we eat on as well as the mall.

First Dinner: Maystar Restaurant + Central Plaza

We had our first dinner in Maystar Restaurant in Central Plaza. Sorry, there are no photos of the food.

Taman Anggrek + Eton +Sour Sally + Canton Bay

Taman Anggrek is another mall beside Central Plaza. Seems like Jakarta people love malls.

Pasta de Waraku
have this delectable display but Tita Anny’s family insist that we forget Western food while we’re there.

So, we ended up eating at Eaton. Their fried rice is superb!

For dessert, we had frozen Yogurt courtesy of Sour Sally. According to Ate Monique, the owner of this place is young Indonesian who studied in USA. Seems like his business was well loved in Jakarta. But can’t blame them. The blueberry flavored yogurt makes me crave for more. Plus, the place is really cool.

Meet Sally!

We also had dinner in Canton Bay. No offense meant, but I like the food here than in Maystar. The cattlefish and Crab are really to try.

Bakmi GM

This Noodle House is really famous here. I love their fried noodles and fried wanton! (photo taken from Bakmi GM site)

Photo courtesy of Bakmi GM
Pangsit Goreng
Bakmi Goreng
Bakmi Ayam Cah Jamur

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