Safe Haven II

So let get this one over. Safe Haven.

I kinda felt irritated with the character of Katie’s husband, Kevin. I sort of think that his character had been over dramatized- being this insane husband and a “good Christian”. But then again, I think Mr. Sparks just highlighted the obvious  People like him do exist. They think that they are far better than other people because of their faith, or must I say, religion. But looking at a bigger picture, they are sometimes the worst kind. Kevin, in my opinion, had been one selfish bastard who hide on his faith. Because of his belief that he just wants the best for Katie because he loves her so much, he ended up hurting her and worse, giving her a piece of hell. Of course, he said sorry and promised her that he wont do that again. But of course that didnt happen. It’s the other way around. He ended up having a battered wife who wants to escape him and the life he offers. Instead of giving Katie the security and happiness he promised, he gave her a life of fear and PAIN.

I fell in love with Alex. Such an adorable father! Hands down for the love he has for the kids and how he tried to be the very best father in his own cute ways. Also, I salute him for the way he handle things – his kids, his love life, his late wife and his work. Awesome, guy indeed.

I havent been into any relationship but I grew up in a home where love and security is overflowing. I guess  that’s what people look for, especially girls. We want to be with someone whom we know we can trust, someone we can rely on, someone who will look after us. I guess, every girl wants to feel secured when youre with somebody. And obviously, that’s what Katie wants. Coming from a troubled family, it is nothing but natural for her to dream of having family bound by love.

Two opposing facts of the real world were also portrayed in the story. Katie wanted to be loved, to be taken cared of. She was this weak, timid lad who didnt have to courage to say no. But, that’s not what she all is. Soon it can be seen how strong and powerful Katie can be. She’s one courageous girl who got the strength to fight even when fear starts to conquer you. I guess that’s what all girls are. Of course, they want to be pampered, to be protected, to have someone to depend on and all those princess-ish stuff. But deep inside, they always have this side that’s ready to fight for what they believe on, for what they want, for what they deserve. They can be thought of as the weakest people on earth and at the same time they can be their own hero. And I guess, that’s what girls will always be.

There you go, folks! My thoughts for Safe Haven. 🙂


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