Safe Haven

I always have this weird habit of reading the last chapter of the book before reading the beggining. Knowing the last part keeps me intrigued and interested on what the story is all about. More so, I hate predictable endings. Something that my reading habit never fails to warn me.

I already finished reading the first 11 chapters of Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven when I decided to go over the last chapters. Safe Haven was about a battered wife, Katie, who escaped her husband and meet a widower, Alex, with 2 kids, Kristen and Josh. Katie was actually in self-exile and had been avoiding people since she lived in Southport. Until she met Jo, her neighbor, who actually became her friend and confidante. Alex was a perfect example of a loving father and a loyal husband. And I just love the way the two started to hit off because of the kids. (Im a fan of fathers who love their kids so much.) The first chapters were really amazing and it’s starting to capture me and my attention.

But, lo and behold, I decided to read on the last chapter. And I was stunned. Surprised as I can be. It turned out that Jo was actually the late wife of Alex. Creepy, I know. And all I can say is WOW.

Now, I just want to finish the story more. I want to know what happened in between. I want to know how everything happened. yay! Im every inch excited. I can see sleepless nights spent in reading coming. 🙂 Nicholas Sparks never fails to amuse me with his stories. Kudos to that.

So yes, I’ll be reading again. I’ll update you on what happened after I finished the book. 😉 Ciao!


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