16 Humps

“Parating na ang toki, ngunit kalahati lamang ang iikutin. Antayin na lang ang Katipunan o Philcoa, para mahigit pa sa kalahita ang makita. Ngunit gabi na, sige, maglalakad na lamang”

I’ve always loved the Acad Oval. Its 2.2km radius

But more so, the calmness and tranquility it can bring.

I dont know how. i dont know why. But it seems like the Acad Oval has different emotions. I love the warmth I can feel from the Sunken  to Quezon hall side. The vibrant feeling of life that you can witness on the side of AS to Vinzon’s is enough to keep me on the ground. Above all, Im thankful for the chance it gives to think over while walking under the cool shades of tree, for the chance it gives so I can share stories with my friends, for being a witness on every student’s life and endeavors, for being a part of my life. ♥


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